Mechanical Cartridges

The type C30 is standard cartridge mechanical seal suitable for power, metallurgy industries.
• Standard design: Comply with DIN24960 and ANSI with simple and compact structure.
• Balance design: Less influence from the pressure of cavity suitable for abroad pressure range.
• External mounting multi spring: Good compensation ability, even face loading can reduce the adsorption and block.
• No “o-ring design without axial movement can reduce failure from o-ring
• Design of reverse pressure resistance: The reverse balanced structure design can endure a certain instant reversal pressure to prevent the sudden failure.
• Cartridge structure: Easy and simple fitting, eliminate errors during the installation.
• More gland can be selected: API standard type gland or waist-shape gland.
• Temperature: -30 deg C-200 deg C
• Pressure: 0-2.5 MPa
• Speed: Up to 25m/s
• Size available: 25mm-100mm (metric); 1”-4” (inch); Special dimension on request.


  • Ideal seal for standardizations
  • Universal applicable for packings conversions, retrofits or OEM
  • No dimensional modification of the seal chamber (centrifugal pumps) necessary, small radial installation height
  • No damage of the shaft by dynamically loaded O-Ring
  • Extended service life
  • No damage caused by dirt entered during assembly
  • Straightforward and easy installation due to pre-assembled unit
  • Individual adaptation to pump design possible
  • Customer specific versions available
  • Dual seal
  • Cartridge
  • Balanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Double pressure balanced
  • Integrated pumping device
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