Filtration Services

Our products include a multitude of standard hose types with extraordinary performance values designed for the state-of–the-art high performance hydraulic applications or spiral hoses designed to resist extreme pressure conditions. We cover a wide variety of low to very high pressure applications, in rubber or thermoplastic, with steel or textile reinforcement for petroleum and water base hydraulic fluids.

Hydraulic hoses are generally suitable for mineral and synthetic oil-based hydraulic fluids (HL, HLP, HLPD, HVLP), for oil base emulsions (HFAE, HFAS, HFB) and for water-glycol solutions (HFC), as well as for vegetable and mineral oil-base lubricants.
Standard hydraulic hoses are meeting EN ISO 6945 abrasion values and SAE J517 bending requirement and recommended application temperature within -40degC to +100degC (max 120degC intermittent). For compressed air, hose can take up to maximum of 50bar at 80degC, with a restricted service lifetime.

Specific hoses are made for special demanding conditions. Our expanded line of hydraulic hose offers high abrasion resistant for tough environments, Hi-Temp hose for high heat applications, and tight bending for difficult routing situations.  Talk to us, and we are most happy to assist you in selecting the most appropriate hose for your operations.

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