Global seals Sierra Leone is the latest entity of the Global Sealing Solutions Africa Group of companies.  are going to gainfully contribute to this country’s fluid handling needs and play their part in its growth.


In 1787, the British philanthropists founded the province call freedom which later became Freetown. But by 1792,about 1200 slaves from nova scotia joined the original settlers who are today call the Creoles(Maroons).


In 2019 the estimated population in Sierra Leone is 7.81 million which rank 103rd in the world August 27,2018.


In Sierra Leone the majority still live a traditional, agricultural way of life with ruling chiefs and religion which preserve social stability, as local music, dance, customs and traditions. Hand shaking is the normal form of greeting.

Number of languages spoken and tribes: The official language is English  but, we have 23 languages in the country. Mostly spoken languages  are Mende, Temene and Limba.


Sierra Leone’s education system is divided into four stages; primary education lasting six years and three years for junior secondary or technical vocational and four years university or other tertiary education.


Industries in Sierra Leone are the diamond, Rutile and iron ore mining and now crude oil which will soon come to the play. Agricultural resources and fisheries industry.

Political Situation

Since the end of the brutal war in 1991, Sierra Leone has made tremendous progress towards political stability and economic growth. She has moved from conflict to stability, holding five presidential elections and general elections between 2002 till 2018 including a change of government. 


The GDP per capita in Sierra Leone is expected to be 500.00USD by the end of the quarter according to the Trading Economic Global Marco models and analysts expectations. In the long term, the Sierra Leone GDP per capita is projected to trend around 540.00 USD in 2020,according to our econometric models.

Inflation rate

The inflation rate in Sierra Leone was recorded at 13.09 percent in November 2019 over the previous month.

The Future

With latest technologies like nanotechnology, blockchains, cloud computing: Sierra Leone ‘s president Bio banking on the most advanced technology to leapfrog the country out of poverty.

Sierra Leone Office

16 Razark Street

Allen Town


Tel:+232 768 63375



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