Global Sealing Solutions Africa Group





Global Seals Head Office is located  In Johannesburg, South Africa and our affiliate branches are located all over the world. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of both seals and gaskets. We stock over 40,000 different sizes and materials all available for next day delivery nationwide. We distribute for some of the world’s leading brands; AS Aston Seals, Bondloc, Corteco, Freudenberg Simrit, Hallite, Trelleborg, Klinger, Flexitallic and many more. Our manufacturing facility is based in Little Island, Cork enabling us to manufacture both standard and non-standard sizes in both gaskets and seals QUICKLY without tooling charges!

Our product range includes O Rings, Gaskets, Mechanical Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals, Pneumatic Cylinder Seals, Hydraulic Cylinder Seals and related products such as pressure gauges, Bondloc adhesives, Circlips and many more.

Mechanical Seals

Widest Range

We supply all common industry standard Mechanical Seal types and dimensional standards, in addition to providing the largest range of equipment specific Mechanical Seal replacements for all major global pump manufacturers.

Superior Product Quality

Exceptional design capability combined with a company-wide quality ethos, as well as extensive in-house electronic production and inspection control systems gives us absolute quality, traceability and cost control of our products. This gives you assured consistency of supply, quality and reliability to confidently service your customers

Mechanical Seal range has been created to provide our distributors the ability to support market demands for OEM Pump maintenance and repair. All designs have been created with a focus to remove common issues and failure causes, increase ease of fitting and deliver ultimate performance through use of high quality and carefully chosen materials. The product range is backed by exceptional tools such as our unique OEM database that allows the identification of the Vulcan Mechanical Seal required using only the pump model or OEM part numbers. This ease of identification allows you to provide your customer the replacement Mechanical Seal they require before taking their equipment out of service.

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