Our Values


Global Seals Africa Limited is the holding company of various entities spread across Africa. Global Seals boast of industrial experience spanning over ten years. Global Seals comprehensively researched the fluid sealing needs of the Sub Sahara customers to provide an array of sealing products that are bespoke, high quality and innovative enough to help the industry to run safely, efficiently and with improved environmental performance. To this end they supply a range of standard and specialised products and services to virtually every industrial sector.

Global Seals was borne out of the realisation that the industrial market demands solution partners who possess world –leading expertise and capability in high performance fluid sealing technology, led by design and materials technology. Global Seals embraces the entire industrial cycle from research, development, manufacturing, product application, and maintenance and equipment refurbishment.

Global Seals is the official distributor of reputable Sealing, Valves, Pumps and Industrial product manufacturers. Most of their principals are global suppliers endowed with an international manufacturing base. The majority of these manufacturers have over 50 production, engineering, distribution and customer support sites across Europe, Australasia, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas. Global Seals has joined this rapidly expanding network to adequately satisfy the African fluid sealing demands.


1. Responsibility

We act responsibly and we care for the environment and all stakeholders including employees, our communities and shareholders.

2. Honesty

We act with fairness, integrity, honesty and transparency.

3. Innovation

We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and learning characterized by success and failure, where we celebrate the former and learn from the later.

4. Respect

We treat each other with trust , respect and dignity as this form the building blocks of our formidable team.

5. Quality

This is our prime consideration. Quality design, quality manufacture and quality service are paramount throughout our operations.

6. Passion

We are passionate about winning as a team and about our brands, products and people, thereby delivering superior value to our shareholders.

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