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The machined seals concept provides a fast, lexible alternative to moulded seal production. With a unique combination of capabilities, we can deliver polymer seals in a very short time, in virtually any dimension and any design, for virtually any industrial application.The machined seals concept combines several Globseals strengths, including extensive application engineering support, a wide selection of seal proiles and materials, and worldwide availability. Together, these capabilities enable on-demand manufacturing for everything from a single seal to a low-volume series, for luid power, luid handling and power transmission applications.

Services and Products

Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam.Representing a new generation of heavy-duty sealing units for oil-lubricated track chain pins, Globseals trackstar seals can help dozer operators reduce machine wear, maintenance and operating costs.

Originally designed for low speeds and severe conditions that affect off-road and tracked vehicles, Globseals metal face seals have proven equally suitable for applications exposed to sand, soil, mud, water and more

V-ring seals from Globseals offer an easy-to-install solution for rotating shaft applications, including use as a secondary seal in highly contaminated environments. They can be stretched and, depending on the size, pushed over other components like langes, pulleys or even housings

Featuring our proprietary special H-ECOPUR material, Globseals axial excluder seal HRC1 offers a high-performance alternative to rubber excluder seals that can wear out quickly when operating on abrasive counterfaces or under poorly lubricated conditions.

Globseals wiper seals prevent contaminants from being transported into the system with the reciprocating piston rod. Our single-acting press-in PA proiles are widely used in off-highway equipment. For snap-in applications, our patented DX wiper seal features the functional beneits of a press-in seal, but with snap-in convenience and better rod tracking.

Non-metalic Globseals guide rings prevent wear and damage to the cylinder bore and piston rod sealing surfaces. Our polymeric material guides are precision-machined and available in reinforced polyamide, phenolic resin and fabric or PTFE, and deliver substantial improvements in seal life and sealing performance. For heavy duty applications, Globseals guide rings include the PGR piston guide ring, the RGR rod guide ring, or the WAT which can be used in either rod or piston applications.

Genius in their simplicity, O-rings seal through their own deformation between surfaces. In hydraulic systems, O-rings from Globseals are often used as static sealing elements. Using one or two Globseals back-up rings with an O-ring can help prevent O-ring extrusions from getting into the clearance gaps.

Hydraulic rock hammers require hydraulic reciprocating seals that can handle short strokes and extremely high velocities. These seals are made of high-performance polyurethane and bonded to a low-friction PTFE back-up ring for longer service life and less maintenance.

Axial shaft seals

Designed to seal axially against a counterface perpendicular to the shaft or pin, axial shaft seals from Globseals include high performance primary seals plus cost-effective secondary seals such as V-ring seals.

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"A top service, really very great. One more star the moment you can be more sure of if the designer is able to communicate and work professionally during design hand over process."
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