Fluid Sealing Product Line

Fluid Sealing Product Line

Mechanical Seals

  • Complete line of cartridge & assembly style mechanical seals
  •  Repair facility for all major mechanical seal brands
  •  Mechanical seal failure analysis & reverse engineering capabilities

Industrial Mixer / Reactor / Agitator Seals

  • All makes & models repaired including NETZSCH, Chemineer, Lightnin, Sharpe to name a few
  • We can upgrade materials of construction to increase seal run cycles
  •  Reverse engineer worn out parts
  • We can turn around any Mixer, Reactor, Agitator seal overhaul faster than any other seal company

Industrial Compressor Seals

  • All makes & models of compressor seals repaired including Mycom, Howden, Frick and FES GEA to name a few
  • Failure analysis / reverse engineering capabilities

Mechanical Packing

    • Enviropak non asbestos pump & valve packings available
  • Live load & die formed rings
  •  Carbon / Bronze / Teflon Bushings


    • Enviropak non asbestos pre-cut or full sheets
    • Diaphragm, vegetable fiber & rubber sheet
    • Jointex expanded 100% Pure Virgin PFE
  • Spiral Wound, Graphite Sheet

Heat Resistant Textiles

    • Thermofab non asbestos textiles
    • Available in Cloth, Rope, Tape & Sleeving

(Manhole & Handhole)


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